High-Quality Roof Waterproofing Membrane Solutions

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Make sure your most valuable investment is protected. Tamsi Industries offers premium waterproofing membrane options suitable for roofs of almost all materials and sizes.

UV resistant and strong while remaining flexible, we offer products perfect for both cutting energy usage and guarding against heavy downpour. Our Insulate UV is designed to work in tandem with other energy saving features of your home to reduce heat absorption, while our Roofshield PU is a polyurethane-based membrane that provides the ultimate in protection for homes afflicted by both drought and flooding rains.

An environmentally-friendly selection of membranes

Our waterproofing products are water-based and formulated to pose the smallest impact on the earth. Non-toxic and safe, they are an excellent and responsible choice for distributors and waterproofing companies looking to operate in a more eco-friendly manner.

We offer an extensive selection of products to ensure that each roof has its protective needs met. Every home faces unique weather conditions, so Tamsi makes sure you have the correct protection for your home and your circumstances.

Tamsi products are formulated to last for years, and with our 10 year product warranty you’ll get peace of mind knowing you’ve made an excellent choice in waterproofing.

A better standard of customer care

With excellent value for money and the ability to customise product colours and additives, no one provides a better standard of service than the professionals at Tamsi Industries. Talk to us today about our full range of complementary bathroom waterproofing membranes and priming solutions to ensure protection from water-damage inside and out.

For more information on any of our extensive range of products, or to enquire about a distributor near you, contact our Sydney office on 02 9550 2822. Browse our selection of primers, wet area and roof waterproofing membranes online and we’re certain you’ll find a complete solution for your needs.