Tamsi CEMIFLEX1 is a high quality flexible polymer modified 1-part cementitious waterproofing membrane, suitable for a range of positive and negative waterproofing applications. When mixed with water forms a tough breathable membrane that is impermeable to water. See datasheet for coverage and application information.

Packaging: 15kg bag

Product Description

• Easy to use, fast curing

• Able to be used for positive and negative waterproofing

• Flexible & Elastomeric – 250% elongation

• Non-toxic and low odour

• Good crack bridging properties

• One component, mixed with water, ready for use

• Resists continuous water immersion

• Complies class II category AS4858 Wet Area Membranes

• Conforms to AS4654.1, Waterproofing membrane: non-exposed liquid membrane

• Compatible with cement based tile adhesives

• Withstands UV exposure

• Basement walls, both internal and external sides

• Under tiles and pavers in external areas

• Can be applied over damp concrete/render

• Landscaped areas

• Retaining walls

• Water features, Detention tanks, Swimming pools

• Terraces and podiums

• Anti-Efflorescence Sealer – used over tile screeds





















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