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    Tamsi EASYPRIME is water based, fast drying, general purpose primer designed to be used over porous building surfaces prior to application of Tamsi membranes to provide a strong adhesion to the substrate.



    Packaging: 15L • 5L • 2L

    Product Description

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    • Fast drying

    • Solvent free

    • Apply with brush, roller or spray

    • Excellent adhesion to most porous building surfaces

    • Prepares surface for Tamsi membranes

    • Environmentally friendly

    • Low odour


    •  Primer for Acrylic, Latex and Polyurethane membranes

    •  Priming on concrete blocks, plasterboard, aerated concrete and most porous surfaces

    •  Dust sealer for concrete floor

    •  Bonding additive for cement





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