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  • PAIL---HydrostopA+B10L-NEW


    Tamsi HYDROSTOP is a high quality two component water based epoxy coating/moisture barrier. Chemically cures to form a tough barrier with excellent adhesion to concrete and masonry surfaces.


    Colour: Grey

    Packaging: 20L • 10L • 4L

    Product Description

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    • Water based

    • Low odour

    • Environmentally friendly

    • Can be applied to damp concrete

    • Excellent water resistance

    • Excellent adhesion to concrete

    • Resists grease, oils, petrol and most mild detergents

    • Prevents rising damp and continual seepage

    • Resists hydrostatic pressure when cured

    • Prevents bubbling in membranes

    • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications

    • Low toxicity


    •  Primer for Acrylic, Latex & Polyurethane membranes

    •  Moisture barrier for floors, walls and screeds

    •  Negative seal tanking

    •  Ponds

    •  Dust sealing concrete floors

    •  Basements and tunnels

    •  Underground car parks

    •  Lift wells






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  • PAIL---BarrierLightgrey15L-NEW


    Tamsi BARRIER PU is an advanced elastomeric polyurethane membrane containing high quality resin and fibers designed to be used in both under tile and exposed areas.



    Colour: Light Grey

    Packaging: 15L • 5L

    Product Description

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    • Certified class III elasticised water-based polyurethane membrane

    • Fibre reinforced

    • Does not re-emulsify once fully dried

    • Fast cure

    • Durable and tough seamless finish

    • Flexible & Elastomeric

    • UV stable

    • Salt and carbon attack resistant

    • Environmentally safe

    • Compatible with most common tile adhesives

    • External wet areas, balconies, decks and podiums

    • Parapet walls

    • Plant floors and external areas

    • Retaining walls

    • Garden

    • Planter boxes

    • Internal wet areas
















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  • HiBuildLX-web


    Tamsi HIBUILD LX is a medium extensibility, fast cure, elasticised, solvent free, reinforced, waterproof membrane. Suitable for use in both new and existing constructions for underground, internal and external areas. Ideal waterproofing membrane for retaining walls and planter boxes.



    Colour: Black

    Packaging: 15L • 5L

    Product Description


    •  Easy to apply

    •  Certified class II elasticised water-based latex membrane

    •  Fibre reinforced

    •  Does not re-emulsify once fully dried

    •  Designed for internal and external waterproofing applications with    limited movement

    •  Low odour, environmentally safe and free of harmful chemicals

    •  Excellent bonding strength

    •  Cures to form a tough seamless membrane

    •  Compatible with most tile adhesives

    •  Ability to withstand continuously immersed areas


    •  Retaining walls

    •  External cellar and basement walls

    •  Planter boxes and garden beds

    •   External under tile applications

    •   Internal wet areas with limited movement


















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