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  • PAIL---HydrostopA+B10L-NEW


    Tamsi HYDROSTOP is a high quality two component water based epoxy coating/moisture barrier. Chemically cures to form a tough barrier with excellent adhesion to concrete and masonry surfaces.


    Colour: Grey

    Packaging: 20L • 10L • 4L

    Product Description

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    • Water based

    • Low odour

    • Environmentally friendly

    • Can be applied to damp concrete

    • Excellent water resistance

    • Excellent adhesion to concrete

    • Resists grease, oils, petrol and most mild detergents

    • Prevents rising damp and continual seepage

    • Resists hydrostatic pressure when cured

    • Prevents bubbling in membranes

    • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications

    • Low toxicity


    •  Primer for Acrylic, Latex & Polyurethane membranes

    •  Moisture barrier for floors, walls and screeds

    •  Negative seal tanking

    •  Ponds

    •  Dust sealing concrete floors

    •  Basements and tunnels

    •  Underground car parks

    •  Lift wells






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  • PAIL---Tough15L-NEW


    Tamsi TOUGH PU is a high quality UV resistant external trafficable reinforced membrane. Designed to cope with both pedestrian and, if reinforced with fibre sheeting; light vehicle traffic.



    Colour: Grey
    Packaging: 15L • 5L

    Product Description

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    • Easy to use

    • Does not re-emulsify once fully dried

    • Fibre reinforced

    • Durable and tough

    • Flexible & Elastomeric

    • Trafficable

    • UV resistant

    • Salt and carbon attack resistant

    • High urethane content

    • Complies class III category AS4858 Wet Area Membranes

    •  External wet areas, balconies, terraces, decks and podiums

    •  Roof top areas & roofs

    •  Garages & parking bays

    •  Walkways

    •  Surfaces requiring a strong trafficable waterproofing membrane
















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  • PAIL---Insulate15L-NEW


    Tamsi INSULATE UV is a high build elastomeric urethane/acrylic based UV resistant wall and roof waterproofing membrane.



    Colour: White

    Packaging: 15L • 5L

    Product Description

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    •  Water based polyurethane membrane Download cacao-only typeface.

    •  Suitable for horizontal and vertical surfaces.

    •  Reflects solar heat

    •  Does not re-emulsify once fully dried.

    •  Durable and tough seamless finish

    •  Flexible & Elastomeric

    •  UV resistant

    •  Salt and carbon attack resistant

    • Complies class III category AS4858 Wet Area Membranes

    •  New and existing roofs

    •  Shipping containers

    •  Silos

    •  External floors

    •  Warehouse and storage buildings

    •  Portable buildings, cabins and workshops

    •  Asbestos and metal roofs

    •  Areas where insulating and waterproofing are required


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  • PAIL---Roofshield15L-NEW


    Tamsi ROOFSHIELD PU is a premium quality elastomeric polyurethane membrane specifically designed to be used as a roof membrane where a strong UV resistant flexible good quality membrane is required. ROOFSHIELD PU has a higher urethane content and added fibre resulting in a strong durable membrane with improved flexibility and longer life.



    Colour: Grey

    Packaging: 15L • 5 L

    Product Description

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    • Easy to use

    • Fibre reinforced

    • High urethane content

    • Improved flexibility

    • High UV resistance

    • Durable and tough

    • Environmentally safe

    • Fast drying

    • Easy clean up

    • Salt and carbon attack resistant

    • Complies class III category AS4858 Wet Area Membranes

    • Roofs

    • Balconies and podiums

    •  External wet areas

    •  Building facades

    •  Surfaces requiring a high quality UV resistant  coating


















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