We manufacture and provide a comprehensive range of waterproofing products to suit all types of waterproofing from basements and bathrooms to balconies and roofs. This range consists of high quality water based primers, membranes, epoxies and sealers. There’s sure to be a Tamsi product to meet your practical requirements. Our waterproofing supplies are preferred by professionals in a variety of projects.

    At Tamsi Industries we are committed to providing the best possible level of service with our sales technical team ready to advise our customers with the most suitable waterproofing systems and solutions they require. There are stores stocking Tamsi waterproofing products Australia wide, and it’s easy to get in touch with our head office for expert technical guidance.

    Tamsi Industries is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality waterproofing supplies. Our products have been highly developed and improved over time in consultation with applicators and customers using the best possible raw materials to meet Australian conditions. Each formulation is made to stand the test of time. From Melbourne to Sydney to Brisbane and beyond, you can be sure they’ll work in your local conditions.
  • Australia’s Expert Manufacturer of Waterproofing Products

    Tamsi Industries is a respected and accomplished manufacturer of waterproofing supplies, and our goal is to ensure that waterproofing projects in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and across Australia, use the best quality waterproofing materials possible. We are proud manufacturers of some of the most reliable and long-lived products on the market. Our 10 year product guarantee is a vote of confidence in the quality and longevity of our supplies, and peace of mind for our customers.

    Waterproofing supplies made for the Australian climate

    As a local business based in Sydney, we understand the strains and forces that Australian structures are subject to. Our range of primers, epoxies, wet area and roof membranes are formulated to withstand all weather conditions in every part of Australia. Explore our range of products and know that whatever you’re getting will be reliable, long-lasting and easy to apply. To find out more about our company or products, call our office on 02 9550 2822 and speak to our knowledgeable staff.