2-component epoxy primer/moisture barrier


  • Primer
  • Protection against rising damp
  • Moisture barrier
  • Negative seal tanking

Packaging: 20L kit, 10L kit, 4L kit


HYDROSTOP is a two component grey coloured water based epoxy coating/moisture barrier. Chemically cures to form a tough waterproof barrier with excellent adhesion to concrete a masonry surfaces.

• Water based
• Low odour
• Environmentally friendly
• Can be applied to damp concrete
• Excellent water resistance
• Excellent adhesion to concrete
• Resists grease, oils, petrol and most mild detergents
• Prevents rising damp and continual seepage
• Resists hydrostatic pressure up to 30 metres of water when cured
• Prevents bubbling in membranes
• Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
• Low toxicity
• Can be diluted up to 10% for priming

• Primer for Acrylic, Latex & Polyurethane membranes
• Can be applied to damp concrete
• Moisture barrier for floors, walls and screeds
• Negative seal tanking
• Ponds
• Dust sealing concrete floors
• Basements and tunnels
• Underground car parks
• Lift wells