Tamsi Industries is a waterproofing manufacturer and wholesaler in Australia. We supply an extensive and exclusive range of innovative waterproofing products Download the Departure Dream Team. At Tamsi, we provide supplies to suit all different types of commercial and domestic projects. From waterproofing your bathroom to sealing your roof, Tamsi offers effective solutions for all of your waterproofing needs 새로텍 다운로드.

Quality Waterproofing Manufacturer

At Tamsi, all of our merchandise is manufactured from the highest quality raw materials and resources Python Selenium file. Our products are made in Australia and are specially designed to deal with local conditions. We also design our waterproofing membranes to explicitly suit concrete, fibre cement and metal substrates 가위손 다운로드. At Tamsi, we continually develop and improve our products according to the latest industry developments and application feedback.

Our Difference

At Tamsi Industries, we are dedicated to providing our customers with world class products 노빈손 다운로드. Our extremely experienced and knowledgeable team are passionate about providing the best professional advice and solutions. We provide expert technical guidance that is client specific Untouchable download. Customer service is our top priority and we pride ourselves on building positive client relationships.

Contact Tamsi Industries

Whether you need a moisture barrier for your planter boxes or a sealer for a retaining wall, we are the right manufacturers for you switch 8.0.1 firmware. Please feel free to give our customer service team a call on 02 9550 2822 if you have any questions about our services or call our Technical Specialists on 0405 118 600 or 0425 244 087 for technical advice movie MyWay. To find a list of your local Tamsi distributors, simply fill out our online enquiry forms and we will get back to you as soon as possible.